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Since 1964, our mission at Contico is very simple. Design and Manufacture workhorse items in the United States, utilizing green processes and superior engineering. 




The road we travel on was built on American soil. Our items are designed for hard work and people who respect and demand quality.  To help keep our focus always on this path we utilize the following values to keep our vision clear and focused.


Green: Be a responsible USA manufacturer that supports sustainable manufacturing efforts.

Offerings: Understand the trends that shapes our business today and prepare for what's to come.

Work: Provide a work environment that is fun and inspires quality craftsmanship everyday.

Productivity:  Be a quick to react, fast-moving organization.

Partnerships: Foster a network of customers and suppliers, together creating mutual value.






Contico operates within a framework of policies and goals aligned under Katy Industries corporate group. Katy is responsible for overall planning, sales management, financial management, human resources management, acquisitions, dispositions and other related administrative matters.

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Under the Katy Industries umbrella, our brand portfolio caters to delivering manufacturing excellence for a wide range of products. We specialize in injection and structural foam plastic items, as well as floor care textiles. 

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