Blogger/Media Disclosure Agreement

Due to FTC guidelines, and Continental Commercial Products (CCP) and Contico internal policies, we need to have you review and agree to the participant information below. Please review our guidelines and provide disclosure for your readers regarding anything that was provided to you on behalf of CCP and Contico


As a participant in a CCP and Contico blog outreach program, we may, from time to time, provide you with products (or coupons for products) to sample for a potential product review, and may also provide other information about products, promotions, or services.  If you have interest in the products or promotions/services, we hope you will share this information with others through your blog or other social media services.  You may also have the opportunity to distribute coupons, product samples, or other items to your readers.  In order to participate in CCP and Contico programs,  you must agree to all of the following:


1.            When/if you disseminate product news, reviews, or other information, and when/if you pass on samples, coupons, or other materials to your readers, you agree to always identify yourself as participating in the CCP and Contico program and having received the applicable products, samples, coupons, services, or other materials free of charge from CCP and Contico.


2.            CCP and Contico encourages you to always express your honest opinions about your experiences with the products or services provided to you through CCP and Contico programs.  However, in order to comply with the law, you agree to avoid making unsubstantiated statements about perceived benefits offered by any of the products or services provided to you through any CCP and Contico program.  Unsubstantiated or non-factual statements like "this trash can will eliminate back pain" would violate the law and subject you (and the marketer/brand) to potential liability.  To help you avoid this, we will always provide you with accurate and correct information about each product or service.  You can (and should) express your own opinions.  However, you agree that any non-opinion, factual information you present will be consistent with the information we provide you.


3.            By participating in a CCP and Contico program, you also agree that CCP and Contico will have the right to link to, independently re-publish (in whole or in part), or otherwise use, any statements or other content that you create or post with respect to the products, coupons, services, information, or other materials, including without limitation any tips, reviews, suggestions, images, or text, audio or video content (the "Content").  You also agree that CCP and Contico is free to attribute the Content to you or your blog.  If your Content includes references to, or images of, third parties (i.e., someone other than you) or other performances or content provided by third parties, you agree that you have all necessary permissions from these third parties to permit CCP and Contico to use the Content in this way.


4.            We may also ask for your feedback, either individually or as part of a group, on products, recipes, ideas, ads and other services and initiatives.  By agreeing to these terms, you understand that we may freely use all comments, suggestions, ideas, notes, drawings, concepts, or other information disclosed or offered to us by you through the CCP and Contico program.


5.            In the event that we provide you with product samples or other items to share with others, you agree to do so responsibly, using care to distribute and/or store the product properly.  If you conduct any sort of giveaway of these items to your readers or others, you agree to do so responsibly and lawfully and you agree that you will be responsible for any resulting liabilities, injuries, losses, or claims, including without limitation, injuries to (or harm suffered by) yourself or others.


6.            You also acknowledge that participation in any CCP and Contico program is restricted to legal residents of the United States who are 18 years of age or older.  By participating, you are agreeing that you meet these eligibility requirements.


7.            If you post Content in response to the products, coupons, services, information, or other materials received through any CCP and Contico program, you agree to email us with a link to your post.  Currently, the address for this is, though this is subject to change.



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